About The Artist

An active artist and jewelry designer, Beth Adams’ abstract paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows at galleries in the United States and Canada, and at the "Artquake" exhibition juried by New York’s Newsweek art critic, Peter Plagens. Beth’s work has also been selected to appear in many invitational events including the San Francisco Art Commission’s invitational juried exhibition and the Bellevue Art Museum’s invitational auction. In addition to her work as an exhibiting artist, Beth has taught drawing, painting and art history at Seattle Pacific University and at the University of Washington Experimental College. The former Executive Director of the Kirkland Arts Center, Beth is a partner at Hannigan/Adams Goldsmiths, Carillon Point, Kirkland, Washington. Her jewelry has been shown at Saks Fifth Avenue, Union Square, San Francisco and Naples, Florida. Her work is currently shown at Saks Fifth Avenue fine jewelry, Palm Desert, The Gardens on El Paseo. She was chosen in 1996 as one of 12 U.S. designers at the International Jewelry Exhibition, Jacob Javits Center, New York City. Ms. Adams’ painting was exhibited in the International Juried Competition, at Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington, July through October, 1996. her “Pink Umbrella” painted for Absolut Vodka and shown at the Seattle Art Museum, toured the United States and is included in the Absolut Vodka permanent collection in New York City. She is most recently included in the 31st Annual Juried Exhibition at the Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, California, March through April, 2000; and a solo painting exhibition at the Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, California, in 2004-05; as well as gallery IMA, Seattle, Washington, 2006."

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